McCallum African Blackwood Pipes

Purchased in the Spring of 2021, these custom made pipes are made of African Blackwood, with imitation animal horn mounts and Celtic knot engraved metalwork throughout.  The tone of the drones is pure, solid, and balanced against the chanter.  This is my primary set of bagpipes that will be played at the majority of events.  The disadvantage of these pipes are that they cannot be played in extreme weather due to the risk of the wood cracking.

McCallum Polypenco Pipes

These are the first set of bagpipes that I purchased when I was first learning the instrument.  They are made of a high density plastic polymer called Polypenco.  While lighter and less dense than African Blackwood, they are able to handle extreme weather, such as freezing temperatures without the risk of cracking.  They boast a robust tone from their drones that can be well heard from a distance.

Gibson Fireside Smallpipes

With a mellow, rich tone and reduced volume, these smallpipes are ideal for an indoor wake, or wedding prelude music.  Made from African Blackwood with brass metalwork, these pipes look similar to the full set, but about half the size and diameter.